Atmosphere Mini™ Air Purifier

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Product Overview

Atmosphere Mini™, the next-generation air purifier by Amway, the makers of world’s largest selling home air treatment product1, is equipped with better than HEPA grade filter2 which captures particles as small as 0.0024 micron with 99.99% single pass efficiency to provide cleaner indoor air that otherwise can contain pollutants such as particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and toxic gases.

Atmosphere Connect™ APP, for connected experience

Atmosphere Connect™, the companion app for your Atmosphere Mini™, lets you control and monitor your indoor air quality from anywhere, anytime

3rd Party certifications

Certified by Allergy UK, AHAM and ECARF


Up to 3 years3

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1Based on a Verify Markets study of 2019 global sales revenue. Product is defined as a single model number within a brand or product line. Claim valid till April 2022

2HEPA-High Efficiency Particulate Filter – this type of filter can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles of 0.3 microns in diameter from air passing through the filter (as per the standards issued by United States Department of Energy).

3Terms & Conditions apply


Performance claims

  1. Capture particles as small as 0.0024 micron with 99.99% single pass efficiency from the air passing through its filter
  2. Reduces more than 300 pathogens and particulates such as pollen, bacteria, virus, molds, house mites, pet allergens, dust & smoke4
  3. Captures more than 15 different gaseous contaminants such as TVOCs, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ozone, Nitrogen di-oxide, Sulphur di-oxide and more
  4. Reduces common household odors such as that of cigarette smoke, cleaning products, pet & cooking.
  5. With its C.A.D.R (Clean air delivery rate) of 220m3/hour, it can filter the air5
    1. 5 times in an hour in a 200 square feet room
    2. 4 times in an hour in a 244 square feet room
    3. 3 times in an hour in a 325 square feet room

4Results based on in-silico extrapolation

5Calculation is based on a room height of 2.4 meter & AHAM testing standards (AHAM AC-1-2015)


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