Vyaan HEPA Reusable Face Mask

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The Vyaan HEPA Reusable Facemask is specially designed to provide consumers fresh and pure breathing air. The Vyaan HEPA Reusable Facemask features finely electrospun nanofibers which minimize exposure to all types of airborne contaminants (including PM10, PM2.5), dust, exhaust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses. The Vyaan Nanofiber filters provide the user with up to 99.7% filtration efficiency for the best protection. The Vyaan HEPA Reusable Face Mask comes with special length adjustable straps to provide a smooth and comfortable user experience at all times. The specially designed face seal prevents any kind of air leakage and provides complete protection without causing any marks or irritation on the user’s skin surface. With its ergonomic and lightweight design, the product is well suited for everyday use without compromising on style and feel. The pack includes Vyaan HEPA Reusable Face Mask, special spandex elastic straps, a user instruction manual, and a special premium pouch to store the product when not in use.

  • Replaceable Filters – Vyaan HEPA reusable face mask can be used multiple times as it can be replaced with a new filter after each use. The frequency of filter replacement depends on usage time and the ambient environment.
  • Enhanced Filter Efficiency – The special nanofiber coated filter traps all airborne pollutants including dust, pollen, dander, PM2.5, PM10, PM0.3, mold spores and also provides protection from bacteria and viruses with a filtration Efficiency up to 99.7%. With a unique design, the filters have been optimized to provide a maximum filtration area thereby reducing pressure drop of the mask increases ease of breathing, reduces strain on the user’s lungs, and provides a comfortable user experience.
  • Food Grade Seal – Food grade elastomer seal provides a truly complete seal which prevents polluted air from entering through any side of the face and allowing air to pass only through the filter area.
  • Adjustable Straps – Elastic Strap ensures a comfortable user experience even after long periods of usage and doesn’t cause skin marks or eye irritation after adjusting straps for a tight face fit.
  • Ergonomic Design – Developed in India, the Vyaan HEPA Reusable Respirator Face Mask offers a stylish, compact, and fashionable design and is a perfect everyday fit for both men and women. The product is eyewear (glasses, goggles) compatible and prevents fogging on the glass surface.

Customer Reviews

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Varun rao
Good face mask

Best face mask for asthma patients suffering from smog during winters and also good for covid19 virus. Its an eye wear compatible mask.

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